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A Topography
of its Own

27.02 – 25.04.2020

Exhibition Coordination

Şahika Aslantürkiyeli


“The orographic design is a design without destiny, a map without a plan. A world before man, even if we know that it is man-made. For we will see that this surface has the strange quality of being first though it is constructed and is never fully realized. What is this image? As it has no value, it has nothing obscure; as it has no meaning, it has no top or bottom, right or left; as it has no density, it is superficial, which is to say geographical and not geological; and as it has no center, its boundaries are nowhere, for any scansion would allow for meaning to emerge and would constitute objects and singularities through discontinuity. In short, it is an open surface in the pure light of weightlessness.”


Cache Bernard, Earth Moves, MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts; London, England, 1995, p. 18.


A Topography of its Own

paper collage, 12 pieces 
each 20 x 25 cm, 2019

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