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05.09 - 06.10.2024

Conceptual framework


Communication concept and design

Bülent Erkmen


Barış Akkurt, BEK


Furkan Öztekin

Yazın Öztürk

Leylâ Çapan

Once we knew how many kinds of meadows there were, we could repeat their names by heart: there was the tempest’s meadow for instance, the noon’s meadow, the cut meadow. Now they’re all gone!

We have to find a way to summon them back. We need to invent new words, new calls for this, new forms, new correlations of speed and slowness. We can do it, it’s possible! 

We all meadows can meet in the Large Meadow!*


* Large Meadow:

1) A flat, large and damp piece of land upon which grows thick grass;

2) A contemporary arts event organized by Norgunk with the participation of 29 artists and collectives in 14 venues and media, running from the 2nd of August to the 15th of September 2018.

3) Contemporary art event, the second edition of which will be held in various cities between 5 September and 6 October 2024.

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