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The Art of Garden Care

01.03 – 21.04.2018


Some artists’ studios are merely made up of a desk and a small notebook. Selim

Birsel is an artist who knows how to form, transform, and construct his works within the practice of daily life and he enjoys this process. Sounds, smells, objects… Or an unexpected gust of wind, a wave and a stone thrown into the wave. In other words, it is necessary always to be at full cock, as what we encounter in his works—an object or a verb—can always become a word play through its given name or materiality, or opened up to processes of waiting for a long time, getting the texture just right.

Speed and slowness are the two foundational principles of horticulture. To look after a garden is to hear the processes, to touch them, to understand them. To take care of a garden allows the caretaker to comprehend their own processes (beings, flows), always to reinvent—it is no coincidence that capitalism attacks gardens.

Selim Birsel has previously shown us gardens, backyards, ‘wheatank’ fields, spinning a peg top… Included in the garden at the Bunker are photographs, objects, metal plates and some music for rhythm. If you would like to play the guitar, rest assured that the amplifier will be on.

The Abandoned Ones (a selection), 2004-2017

Twenty-two photographs 

face-mounted on plexiglass, mounted on Dibond

Dimensions variable

Garden installation, 2018

Mixed media installation

Dimensions variable

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