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The First Marriage

21.05 – 13.07.2019


The world is full of things, and the encounter of things with each other forms the spirit of the times in one way or another. Being open to influence is one of the most possible ways to renew and refresh yourself. As in science and thought, it is necessary to be open to the multiple effects of things in order to make visible, intangible things visible and sensible in art. David Hockney is an artist who chose not to reveal his sources of inspiration, let alone offend, to follow that bond, that wave that hit him, by going on them. The numerous swimming pools, which he observed with surprise as he flew over California on his first trip to Los Angeles, form a decisive outlet for his later work. While on the plane, Hockney realized: The carrying power of water makes things lighter.

The exhibition we call "First Marriage" brings together four artists who are close to David Hockney's work: Özge Açıkkol, Antonio Cosentino, Nermin Er, Cem İleri. Each of them courted Hockney's affairs in his own way, offered him a date, got engaged with them and… Germany declared war on Russia. I swam in the afternoon.



Ozge Açıkkol

Two , 2019

photo, each 60 x 45 cm


Antonio cosentino

Portable Port , 2018

suitcase, objects, light box, 60 x 17 x 52 cm

From the Kleptocracy Garden Series, 2018

oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm


Nermin Er

Pool Movements 1-18 , 2019

paper, metal, various sizes


Cem Next

Swimmer , 2019

booklet, 13.5 x 19.5 cm, 32 pages




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