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Tree of Life

27.02 – 14.03.2020


Exhibition Coordination 

Şahika Aslantürkiyeli

Exhibition sign

Kerem Yaman


“The figs are falling from the trees; they are good and sweet; and as they fall, their red skin bursts.”

F. Nietzsche

The tree of life is the origin of religions, myths, the djinni, dwarves, squirrels, snakes, birds, esoteric knowledge, and sometimes the purest of human emotions. It is the shared garden of our homelessness. Some are pomegranate, some apple, date, cypress, beech or pine; some are dry leaves, twin birds, fire, life, the universe. Twitches of unknown origin work their way up its branches, ends join ends, millennia squeeze into the tiny memory of a moment; the tree of life connects the earth to the sky, the world to worlds, an unbroken circle from the outside to the inside and to the outside from the inside, a practice of eternal recurrence ceaselessly heralding the continuity of life. 

We wish to share with you the processes of an artist whose works push against the idea of completion as she records everything she sees and touches as a fundamental element of the “tree of life”.

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