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26.02 – 30.03.2019



Endanger. Avert a life-threatening danger. Pose a danger. Escape the danger. Cause danger. Smell the danger. Be dangerous. Be exposed to a danger. Face a danger. Main danger. Extreme danger. Serious danger. Potential danger. Hidden danger. Danger of all sorts. İmminent danger. Moment of danger. Chambal. Danger bells. Danger zone. Circle of danger. Danger line. Danger signal. Danger prevention. Danger signs. The coming danger. Full of danger. In the face of danger. In case of danger. Dangerously exposed waters. Dangerous chattels. Deutsche Bahn. Fraught with danger. The danger has passed. Apparent danger. Source of danger. Averting danger. Auditory danger signals. Danger cone. Danger flag. Level Two. Danger-passed signal. Torpedo danger zone. Endangered species. 


Chambal, 1999

Video: colour, sound, 00:00:14 min., loop, edition of 5+1 A.P.


Deutsche Bahn, 2002

Video: computer animations, transferred to DVD (PAL), colour, sound, 00:00:11 min., loop, edition of 5+1 A.P.


Level Two, 2006


(The video shows a view of the gallery’s banner – which reads “GALLERY LEVEL TWO” – being flapped wildly against the building in the wind.)

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